Confirmed: Next OnePlus will be OnePlus 5T, has a headphone jack

This retaining of headphone jack will make the company more in touch with its fans and buyers, as investing some more amount in wirelesses buds will not be chosen as a good option by most of the buyers.

In a recent Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), the company suggested it would consider making a smartphone that costs over $800 (~£612).

We've been hearing a lot in the past couple of weeks about the OnePlus 5T, a refresh of the OnePlus 5, which debuted earlier this year. OnePlus also discovered through its survey that nearly 80 percent of its users prefer in-jack headphones. OnePlus says it considered ditching the jack and instead adding an extra USB-C port dedicated for audio, but it decided the trade-off wasn't worth taking away the jack. You won't have that problem with the OnePlus 5T, at least. While OnePlus only released one flagship per year ... Its launch date was leaked already and we were told the device may come with a Samsung AMOLED display.

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On its Facebook page, OnePlus posted an image of a stack of its current and previous generation smartphones all showing off their headphone jacks, with a tag line asking: "What do our phones have in common?" It will, however, feature an enlarged 6in edge-to-edge display with an 18:9 aspect ratio - keeping on trend with rivals - plus it is thought the dual-sensor camera will be upgraded too. In the post, Pete Lau dives deeper into the company's decision to keep the 3.5mm jack around. It stated today, "This is one of those times when we respectfully disagree on what it means to be courageous". "The advantage to USB-C is that it would have let us further slim down our flagships". That's basically what Google had to do last month, when it removed the Pixel's headphone jack just a year after, yes, mocking Apple for getting rid of it. True, they could bump up the camera and the screen resolution, but in raw speed, a OnePlus 5T is unlikely to be any faster.

Coming to the features, OnePlus 5T will run on latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and will flaunt its 8GB RAM.

  • Toni Ryan