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The movie's magic at the 31st Goya Awards

The 31st Goya Awards were a perfect night, the only thing that happens in the movies. It was my first time there, in this incredible celebration of Spanish cinema, and I can tell you that it was an experience I would never forget.

It was insane, I was really nervous and there was a thousand things to do. First thing in the morning I went to Anara by Ana Lerida, she is the only one I trust my hair. With my hair done I went to the net OPI Nail Bar salon, which has quickly become a must in Barcelona thanks to its incredible and proffesional team.

After that, I headed to Madrid with Elizabeth Serra, both carrying a lot of luggage: an outstanding Santos Costura's dress (the winner of the night in terms of fashion, having dressed four acts), spectacular jewels from Olmedo Jewelers, unique pieces from Cotton Vintage and a perfect pair of shoes from Steve Madden. Thank you all of you for your great disposition and kindness the days before the Goya Awards, thanks to you I felt like a movie star. I do not forget Echegaray's Piluka, who dresses incredible actresses all the time, so I could not help asking her advice on such an important occasion.

Already dressed, I lived all the things that happened around me like a child. My great friend Elizabeth was by my side all the time;

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Thanks again to all of you for making this possible: Specially to SENSILIS & amp; Sogues Comunicacion

Pics by Elisabeth Serra Styled by Piluka From Echegaray DRESS from Santos CosturaAnara by Ana Lerida BlauceldonaOpi Nail Bar BarcelonaSteve Madden Cotton VintageOlmedo Jewelers

The magic of cinema at the Goya Awards


The 31st Gala of the Goya Awards was a movie night, in every way possible. I was fortunate to be able to attend this great celebration of Spanish cinema for the first time, and I already tell you that the experience has been unforgettable.

It was a very intense day, with nerves and a thousand preparations. I started in the hair salon Anara by Ana Lérida, in whom I always trust my mane, I continued in the new OPI Nail Bar center, which has quickly become a must in Barcelona for the great professionalism of its team and the affection that they put with each client , and finished the preparations with the best vitamin C facials of the magical hands of Silvia at the Blauceldona center.

After this, I set out for Madrid along with Elizabeth Serra, both loaded up: Dressed by Santos Sewing under the arm (the winning designer of the night, having dressed four of the main invited actresses) , the spectacular jewels of Olmedo Joyeros, those unique pieces of Cotton Vintage to complete the outfit and perfect Steve Madden shoes. From here I can not fail to thank you for your great disposition and kindness in the days before the Goya and to dress in the movies. I do not forget Piluka de Echegaray, whom I could not avoid asking for help and advice on one occasion of this magnitude, since she is accustomed to dress the most renowned actresses.

As for the gala, thanks to a hilarious Dani Rovira, he passed in a sigh, from the wonderful set of Sensilis, with a spectacular catering and an exceptional call thanks to the human team of Sogues Comunicación. The number of celebrities per square meter was overwhelming and there I met four great women who in the short distances leave you even more impressed, who were Cayetana Guillen Cuervo, Aitana Sánchez Gijón, Candela Peña and Paz Vega. It was a pleasure to be able to chat for a while with women with so much talent and who have given so much (and will continue to do!) To the cinema. Although not, there was not the thing, after midnight Elizabeth and I followed the party :) We ended up sneaking into all the parties organized around the event held at the Marriott Auditorium and we had a great time. It has been really gratifying to experience this experience.

Once again thanks to SENSILIS & amp; Socks communication

Pics by Elisabeth Serra Styled by Piluka From Echegaray DRESS from Santos Sewing Anara by Ana Lerida Blauceldona Opi Nail Bar Barcelona Steve Madden Cotton Vintage

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