Ventosa - meaning of ventosa dictionary

It passes next to San Quirce between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd locks, arriving in Herrera are the following three locks, and the San Andrés retention in what was Batán factory, next lock Ventosa de Pisuerga , Zarzose, then Naveros, San Llorente, Puente del Rey, lock 15 on the Villadiezma road; cross Vallarna stream and Puente de Requena to reach Frómista where the locks are 17 to 21, then Piña, Monzón, Palencia and Grijota; in Villamartín it reaches Viñalta and from there it derives a straight branch that comes until the margins of the river Carrión, in Palencia.

It is patron of the Spanish populations of Pamplona, ​​San Sadurní de Noya, San Saturnino de Osormot, Sant Sadurní de l'Heura, Montornès del Vallès, Montmajor, Artajona and Ventosa,

The beach of La Puntilla is located at the mouth of the river Guadalete and separated from it by a jetty, where you can enjoy some Serene waters for the bath, although somewhat windy. Between the former and Puerto Sherry, there is the beach of El Aculadero, also called "La colorá".

Ventosa - meaning of ventosa dictionary

They lived in groups of two or three families being their culture material, especially the very rudimentary technique: huts that were simple brambles covered with moss and leather, as well as the making of ceramic vessels and basketry or very elemental bladders, made simpler monocoil canoes than those of the Yammana and the Kawésqar, such a delay or cultural in the material level is explained by two great reasons, their geographic isolation and the adverse environment in which they lived (cold, perhúmeda and very windy zone with scarce natural resources).

The main ones are: Riazor: Located in the center of the city and with a length of 610 m, white and thick sand, at the foot of the promenade of the city. Suctiony and strong waves.

Casares also defended the measures taken by the government to restore public order against demonstrations by violent groups, shooting and attacks on public centers, but deputies like Gil Robles or Ventosa, leader of the regional minority, accused him of a lack of equity when it comes to rebuking right and left.

Gil-Robles would have advised him to change his escort in statements that were presumably witnessed by Ventosa and in which he was warned that he intended to leave

SUR: Alaejos, Ataquines, in the south of the country, in the province of Pena Ventosa, Bobadilla del Campo, Brahojos de Medina, Campillo (El), Carpio, Castrejón de Trabancos, Castronuño, Cervillego de la Cruz, Fresno el Viejo, Fuente el Sol, Lomoviejo, Matapozuelos, Medina del Campo, Moraleja de las Panaderas, Muriel, Nava of the King, New Villa of the Towers, Pollos, Pozal de Gallinas, Pozaldez, Rubí de Bracamonte, Rueda, Salvador de Zapardiel, San Miguel del Pino, San Pablo de la Moraleja, San Román de Hornija, San Vicente del Palacio, Seca (La), Serrada, Seven Churches of Trabancos, Tordesillas, Torrecilla of the Abbess, Torrecilla of the Order, Valdestillas, Velascálvaro, Ventosa of the Cuesta, Villafranca of Duero, Villanueva of Duero, Villaverde of Medina.

, caressed by two red lenguonas that licked it by the flanks, sang in delicious gorgoreo, while the potted perched on the three stones, shuddered rabidly, feeling in its scorched concavities the coldness of that mass that sticled like a

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