Plants that bring colors to winter

Today I wanted to take a walk for the month of December and the days that have passed since January. A walk from flower to flower, from branch to branch, from leaf to leaf. A walk back and forth, with no other purpose than to find light and color in the plants at the beginning of this winter.

Those who live in areas where the climate is more favorable for plant cultivation is it is common to find, at the beginning of winter, flowers that should have already been withdrawn during the autumn or at the end of that season, as is the case with some roses. The bulbous plants that are about to bloom have an advance in plants such as Nerine undulata ​​i>, which paint the pink winter season, like the wild plants of Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyzstan) that I shared a few months ago, apart from the area, the color pink. But you can also see species that usually flower in winter, for example, with the colorful Kniphofia praecox .

Of course, the flowers are not missing from the winter of those succulent plants that are in their moment and there is no one to stop them when they have already reached a few years ... advantages of the age. It is a privilege to see this color explosion of different species of the Aloe Aeonium genus. The red touch of Senecio coccineiflorus flowers that it showed a few days ago is a delight.

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Of course, there are also some geranium (Pelargonium) that looks its best galas and not precisely by the flowers, that also, but by its leaves, like the Pelargonium vancouver centenial .

The Cyclamen Cyclamen persicum is in its sauce as the cold progresses and could not miss its winter appointment, as neither durillo (Viburnum tinus) , whose flowering begins to awaken these days.

Enjoy the garden also in winter

Whatever the motive and the region, winter is loaded with different shades that invite us to enjoy the garden, at home or where we catch more by hand. The important thing is to allow the winter walk to continue and to keep looking around to discover the value of what nature gives us on a daily basis. Look, look, you'll see everything you find, and nothing you see is offered out of interest.

  • Adam Floyd