IPAT2013_AlejandroPeñalverMunita Group A3: Clothing in Ancient Rome

We distinguish different types of main pieces:

  • Interior (indutus) .
  • Subligar / Subligaculum : They were like a pair of underpants.
  • Subucula : Similar to a current interior shirt with which he used to sleep.

    Fascia : The precursor of the bra.

    -Tunique: Two pieces of sewn wool, with openings for the head and arms. It is fixed with a belt. The men carried it to the knees at the front, and longer at the back; the women carried it to the heel. According to social class, it was decorated with bands and colors. The tunics had no sleeves until later.

    - Palla: A kind of cloak used by women when they went out in public, usually covering their head.

    There were no big differences between men's and women's footwear, except the latter was made with furs softer, varied color and more ornate. It was used according to the climate and the activity to be developed.

    - Soleae : Sandals that were worn at home in good weather. >: Clogs, used when it was raining.
    - Calcei : Shoes reserved for big occasions, worn next to the toga.- - Caligae : Roman soldiers.

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