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1 (Botany) flower

a bouquet of flowers bunch of flowers; a dress of floral flower dress

a flower dress of red flowers upholstered

> artificial artificial flowers

hats with artificial flowers the headstone was adorned with artificial flowers cut flower flowers


This huge volume of business explains that the Netherlands controls 68% of the world exportation of [cut flower], for example. In Aalsmeer, near Amsterdam, 14 million [cut flowers .] The exploitation of various species of vegetables and [cut flower] in Asturias, offers the possibility of obtaining economic yields around 2 million pesetas per company and año.Se produce 118 species of [cut flower; orchids, [gerberas] and roses. In [indoor plants] the Syngonium and Nephrolepsis stand out.

dried flowers dried flowers

Dry flower arrangements matching upholstery fabrics


A flower of lips (Latin America)

It always walks with a smile to lips of always has a slight grin on his face

flower (S. Cone) very good; splendid

go from flower to flower (gen) to flit from flower to flower; (in love matters) to flit from one lover to the next

Women, crazy butterflies that play with love and / or vais de flor en flor /

No flowers!

- have you heard any news? "Have you heard any news?" - "not a thing", of books I know a lot, but of kitchen or flowersI know a lot about books, but I do not know the first thing about cooking (familiar)

, but what is to buy something or flowers

of the promised, nor floresas for what they promised, not a word was mentioned (familiar)


her love was a flower of a diatheir love was short-lived; her triumph was not a flower of a diahis win was no mere flash in the pan

be a fleur-de-lis fleur-de-lis flower;

flower opium poppy

flower of artificial hand flower

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flower of snow snowdrop

/ p>

the flower (the best)

the flower of harinathe finest flour

bread is made with flower of the flour

the flower of the elite army of the army is in the flower of his sports career is at the peak of his sporting career

of the age in the flower of one's youth

the flower and cream of society the cream of society

of the life in the prime of life

be the flower of the canelato be the pick of the bunch (familiar)

this ham is the flower of the The flower of cinnamon is the flower of cinnamon. It is the pick of the bunch.

> the fish looked like a flower of aguayou could see the fish just under the surface of the water

the shark beat its fins to flower of water. The bathers have seen approaching the coast one of these specimens, fluttering their powerful fins to water flower

the flower of cuño in mint condition

The last novelty of Switzerland a curious piece of 20 francs of silver, dedicated to Gertrud lkurz. We can serve it in bloom to 2,300 Ptas.

The flower of skin

had the nerves to the skin of nerves were all on edge; Sensibility to skin flower is highly sensitive

And I, who have the sensitivity more and more to flower of skin (I do not know if it is a thing of the age or it is that gives the music: that when more deeper into her, the more sensitive you become)

hatred came out of her skin hatred came out into the open; his hatred came to the surface

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