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On this rainy April day, I have dawned on my mind. What is the motive that can inspire us to knit a crochet mandala?

Well, I tell you in my own definition: "Mandalas are sacred circles through which we connect, create, imagine and heal with them." inspire because like any other art, crochet allows us to express ourselves. When I weave a mandala I let my emotions flow and I release my thoughts ... it's almost a meditation. For this reason I often create original crochet mandalas that come out to me without a predetermined pattern and with the colors that inspire or are born to me on that day.

In this entry I leave a few pictures of the mandalas which I have woven and which have a particular meaning for me.

I hope you enjoy them and get hooked on your own mandala !!

The materials you will need are: >

Embroidery drums or wooden hoops. If you have another type of hoops per house, you can also use them depending on the diameter you want your mandala. Wool of many colors ... or your colors that inspire you on that day that you will weave your mandala.

Step 1. Weave the mandala. If you are a beginner you can lean on a doily pattern that you like.

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Step 2. Once you finish the mandala, attach it to the ring using a needle and wool of a contrasting color. Simply make the stitches from back to front by inserting the needle through the center of the loop.

Here are some pictures of some of my Mandalas and their meaning.

, 7 chakras, 7 petals

Mandala of the African Flower: Life and Changes

Mandala of Innocence

Mandala North of Life: Strength and Love < / p>

Mandala of the African Flower: Prosperity and Algegría

Rosa Mandala of the Winds: Direction and Sense

Rainbow Mandala of the Personal Energy System

  • Adam Floyd