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I know Glee is not necessarily about Sam, but I think the way that I treated him was awful and I have a lot of reasons why.

on him with Finn and they broke up. I went to Santana but that lasted like two episodes and all of them were made out and she was super mean to him so I do not really count that lol.

Then there was Mercedes, and though they never Shane broke up ... despite Sam's trying ... they did not date. Then came Brittany and I was so cute and nice to her and then they broke up so Brit could be with her OTP, Santana, which I knew was going to happen so I guess I get it.

Back to Mercedes which did not work out because of the whole sex thing ... and I will admit I hated that they made Sam cheat on Mercedes with the dumb photographer but the way Mercedes handled it was kinda weird take. She seems like she had just been waiting for them to break up because she knew it would not work out.

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Now we come to Rachel. The second I saw how her and Sam looked at each other in the Movin 'Out episode, I shipped them pretty hard. Because Sam reminded her of her home and she is the closest thing to Finn she's ever gonna get.

And season 6 happened and my heart was happy because Sam was helping her heal and she was helping him get over Mercedes and I believe in her I have believed in everyone.

WIth Quinn, he was protective and loving. With Mercedes I posted a video of her on youtube and put her name in lights so she would believe in herself. With Brit he married her because she thought the world was ending and got her another cat so Lord Tubbington would not be lonely. He showed Rachel she could love again and encouraged her to go back to NYADA because she knew she would regret not doing it.

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