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A Pallet Planter Box ... true {love}. The inspiration for this project started with this picture:

Funny enough, I think the pallet project is featured in that picture is the coffee table. HE HAS! Well, I saw the coffee table and fell in love with those planter boxes. I thought they could easily be made with pallet wood, and why not give it a try? Of course that required a pallet, which meant I needed to get my hands on one. Mission accomplished with a little dumpster diving drive in which I scored two. Woo Hoo! Pallet wood (or wood of choice) by Miter Saw by Hammer


13-1 / 2 "boards
(11) 12" boards
(4) 9 "boards

* The width of your boards will vary on your pallet. >

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Here is a hand drawn illustration of how to construct the front and the back pieces of the planter box. strong> step one. Take two of your 12 "pieces and lay them horizontally parallel to one another. Whether they're flush or there is a slight gap will depend on the width of your pallet boards.

step two. Take your other two 9 "pieces and place them vertically on top of the other boards (one on each end).

step three. Now take the 13-1 / 2 "board (the piece I refer to as the brace, although it is not technically a brace) and place it horizontally parallel centered to the top and bottom of the bottom pieces.

step four: Repeat for the back piece.

For the sides, you'll want to grab two 12 "boards for each side. Take those boards and nail them into the ends of both the front and the back pieces we've already put together.

Once those are attached, you'll nail your three remaining 12 "pieces on the bottom.

  • Adam Floyd