Local groups head to Milwaukee for "Day Without Latinxs,

People will be rallying to "#StopClarke

People will be rallying to" #StopClarke

They will be marching along.

They will be marching along.

5th Street in Milwaukee, ending with a rally at the county courthouse.

We are pleased to announce that this is the first time that Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is expected to sign that order. sheriffs deputies into immigration agents.

"My husband was deported," said Jennifer Estrada, a community leader in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. "I know what it feels like and the impact it had on my children." Immigrants are the backbone of the dairy industry in my area and without them, the economy would get worse for all of us. I am proudly marching on Monday to say no to Sheriff Clarke's plan to enroll in 287. If it starts in Milwaukee, it will spread to other counties. "

There will be multiple businesses closed for the March

Provides legal assistance to immigrants and refugees including survivors of sexual assault domestic violence human trafficking and crime victims

Feeling protected, safe, and welcomed is how many say America makes them feel.

"This day is very important because we need to send a message to Trump and the sheriff, "says Julio Vazquez who is currently living in Appleton.

But when new laws give law enforcement more power, and immigration becomes a key issue, that security disappears

"I do not like feeling scared. I do not like it, "adds Vazquez.

"The community wants to stop sheriff Clarke from implementing this in Milwaukee because we know Milwaukee approves it will go around the whole state," says Norys Pina who is living in Appleton.

Sheriff Clarke is expected to sign an order that would effectively turn all sheriffs into immigration agents, making some Wisconsin fear for their future.

"I fear for the future of my kids. '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' like Clarke and President Trump from putting these types of laws in place, and to show "the power of the people of Wisconsin."

The march started at 11 AM and will end with a rally at Milwaukee County Courthouse.

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