Valla - meaning of valla dictionary

Angustias, who was struggling to push the fence in front of him, stopped when he heard the Captain's heartfelt invocation, and stared into his eyes, without returning to him more than his head and with an indefinable air of empire , seduction and impassibility.

Pedro Antonio de Alarcón

I now raise my eyes to the cock that has perched on the edge of the fence, and I see that it has a very different meaning from the vane, so high , but who, on the other hand, can not shout, let alone sing.

Hans Christian Andersen

That night a terrible storm broke out; the chickens, the chickens and even the rooster ran to the shelter; the wind ripped the fence separating the two corrals.

Hans Christian Andersen

Here I come face to face with the thick darkness from which to hear the roaring deity that lies hidden in his bosom: Tell me, terrible genius of the torrent, where you are going to transpose, the fence of the deep precipice, after the rough battle of the attraction, the rock and the current ...

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But this one only had thoughts for the rooster of the corral, that was its neighbor. The wind had carried the fence, and the lightning and thunder had ceased. Hans Christian Andersen

There, along the side of the square of St. Anne, the countless representatives of the league who come in Lent to oppose the squares of phonies all day. they should fight over whether they should make a day of kings and another of beggars in Madrid or Alcalá, as if all the places in the world were not as good as others to make fools. Divided of Venice by this fence they exist to two varas the concurrents to Nicolasa.

Mariano José de Larra

It's better to lose your love than to debase it. Leaning on the fence separating the North Station from the Florida Walk, a man stares at the rails.

Eh! Those who stand by the fence! "There followed a silence and a new avalanche of voices:" Raise your head ... Come and have a drink ... "- You, whose powerful faith finds feathers, to hover on the ground where my spirit battle, illustrious teachers, your flight tended: of the century break the fence.

complacent Reader (in case your altitude does not yet know), than at present Poets We are very courteous and very serious people, (44) That in this century without a Machucho and conciliatory fence, Any criticon finds us As good as the best That today walks among the rogue.

An intellectual cultivation undertaken without method and with crazy pretensions to universalism, an intellectual culture that has come to a halt in the absence of all faith, in the ridicule of every human fence, in an ardent curiosity of evil, in the desire to make all possible experiences of life, completed the work of the other influences and came to open the dark road that has brought me to this region n dark, where today I move without seeing more in the horizon than the black abyss of despair and in the height, up there, in the inaccessible height, its image, of which, like a star on a stormy night, falls a ray, a single ray of light.

  • Adam Floyd