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He graduated in Journalism from the School of Journalism Carlos Septién García, holds a degree in Communication Sciences from the Intercontinental University and studied economics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Former Marist student, in his training attended the Centro Universitario México. He has been in Mexican radio for 25 years. Conducts the evening edition of Radio Network of Grupo Radio Centro.

He started his professional activity in Grupo ACIR as a producer and conductor of information programs, Panorama , Investing in Mexico and Acir Radionoticias . For 6 years he was a news director for Grupo Radio Centro, in front of From the Center of the News . He was a producer and driver of informative segments in Format 21. In 1996, he was part of Infored's team and was producer of Monitor and Metropolitan driver p>

- National Prize for Journalism (2008) José Pagés Llergo is awarded by the Citizen's Council, for responsible and timely coverage, for the transmission carried out on November 4, 2008, during the aviation accident in which Juan died Camilo Mouriño Terrazo

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- National Prize for Journalism (2009) José Pagés Llergo for information coverage on the crisis by the Human Influence H1N1. 2008) to the best radio news program, awarded by the Mexican Journalists Club.

- It is the National "Veritas" Award (2010) for the best News Driver of the Year. By Anahuac University México Sur.

- It is National Prize of Locution (2003) with Juan José Bravo Monroy by News .

- Es Presea "Musa de la Radio" (2009) that the magazine Voices to the Air grants to the most outstanding of the radio in Mexico.

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