Hello my beautiful, today I bring you my daily makeup routine, first of all tell you that not all skins are the same or need the same care, but you can follow the same steps as me without problem, we started!

Well before starting it is very important to wash our face with warm water because at night our face is full of waste. You will wonder how that can happen, as you will see, when sleeping on the pillow can be traces of facial cream, dead cells and even our scalp emits fat.

This step is the most important of all because if we do not moisturize our skin before the makeup we will be mistreating. This will keep us from getting dry or scaly areas and will help keep the makeup intact for longer.

You should keep in mind that not only apply the cream on the face, but also the neck and neckline, in addition to using a cream according to your skin type.

2 - Prepare the skin with the first or pre-base

The first is a product that is applied before your foundation and serves to give light to our face, soften the pores and make the skin,

There are many types of primers, some serve to hide redness and pores, others fill the lines of expression and wrinkles, and others simply to unify the skin and give a perfect finish to your makeup.

I use the anti-red catrice base since I have many red areas all over the face, you should analyze your skin well and find out which one goes better.

It is important to know that you have to apply them before the base.

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5- Stamping the base

The truth is that I do not usually use powders for the face, but for the neck, as I explained in another entry when we put our base we have to go blurring it towards the neck so that we do not have the effect mask, so I apply lightly for that area.

6-Correct the eyelash

The way to apply the corrector is in the form of inverted triangle ov, and always a lighter tone than our skin. Remember that we should not use a lot of product because this will cause the hours to fall apart and end up marking those small thin lines under the eyes,

7- Flush, contour and illuminator

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In this step I want to say that I used to apply the contour first and then the flush but in one of the tutorials RosyMcMichael explained that putting the flush first and then the outline is much better and since then I always apply it this way.

8-Filling the eyebrows

There are two types of each, powder and cream. / p>

The first thing to do to get a beautiful eyebrows is to depilate well those wild hair that grow and come out where they should not and give shape, another entry will explain in detail and step by step how to get perfect eyebrows.

Once depilated, we will choose a color similar to our hair tone, and never under any concept black shadow, even if our hair is that color, why?

If you are blonde, the honey tones will never fail you.

If you are brunette, move between chocolate colors.


And if you are brunette but a darker chestnut uses coffee tones.

We continue correcting with a corrector a tone lighter than your skin around the whole area, we will blur very well and carefully. To finish, and this is a trick of mine you can do it like no, we will sprinkle them with a little petroleum jelly to prevent those rebellious hairs moving and with a brush we will comb them.

The first thing to do to get a long lashes is to curl them, but as for everything, there are always tricks that help you to get the most out of your products

Warm up the dryer with your eyelash curler for a few seconds and press several times leaving it a couple of seconds in the last of the time. Apply your mascara and then a layer of translucent powders, and so on until you get the effect you want, but watch out for girls because they do not like it, but they get tired a lot, the same with the makeup, everything in excess looks bulky and ugly. If you have dry lips like me and you often cracked or you have pebbles you should exfoliate them before painting, you only need Vaseline and a clean toothbrush that you do not use.

The next step is use a prebase for lips that will help us to keep the color longer and cover any cracks that we may have.

Once the prebase is applied we will profile the lips with an equal or lip-like tone that we have chosen, may even be a darker tone if we then get it to blur well, but I tell you no more than a tone because then it will look horrible. To make it easier for you to draw an x ​​the area of ​​the arch of your lips, and if you want to give the sensation of thicker lips apply also illuminating the bow above the lip,

Fill them with the lipstick chosen and you are ready to wear beautiful lips.

11- Sealing and matifying

So far my daily makeup routine, as you have been able to observe, I have not mentioned eye shadows at any time because the truth is that for day to day I do not usually put on eye makeup, I only apply mascara and at most inferior line of the eye. I usually do it with a white pencil because it gives the feeling of a bigger eye, with more light.

I hope it helps you, I love to read us, until next time!

  • Adam Floyd