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Ixora coccinea , also known as Geranium of the jungle , Flame of the woods , Coralite (in Colombia) Cross of Malta (in Puerto Rico) and Llama de la jungla , is a species of shrub belonging to the family of rubiaceae. It is a small shrub, with numerous flowers of small size that remain forming composite umbels for almost all the year. She is originally from Asia, specifically from South India and Sri Lanka and is heavily employed in gardening. Among the more than 400 species of the genus Ixora, it is the most representative species.

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Ixora coccinea with flowers.

It forms branched plants that reach about 1 m or more in height, up to a maximum of 3 m in some varieties, with numerous bunches of flowers with a rounded appearance and which sometimes extend with a diameter that can exceed the height. Its evergreen leaves are oblong, shiny, with smooth edges and reach about 10 cm in length. The flowers are tubular and vary in color according to different varieties, the most common of which are scarlet, and sometimes yellow and white.

Ixora coccinea is used in climates warm as hedgerows and screens to divide sectors of gardens or to form flower beds abundant also in gardens. In colder climates it is usually grown in greenhouses or in a well-lit house. Being a very branched plant, it tolerates an intense pruning, which makes it ideal to develop hedges of curious and interesting forms, although the plant looks better when it is not trimmed or clarified.

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