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"I believe that the best testimony is the best testimony."

that I can give to Rosa, be a poem:

It was winter, you arrived and it was summer ...

It was winter, you arrived and it was summer. ,
what will become of us?
Who will warm the air
more than August and what July?
I am afraid of this mistake of the months that you have brought. Who is our ally: you or me?
When summer comes
maybe the air is cold ...
It was winter and you came.

Pd: A big hug!

"I do not know what's left and burned."

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I'm not going to tell you about your photos, or your poems, today. I want to do it for you, for all of you, your photos, your poems and for that I know what floats for a long time after you pass go pass and leave your scent that is born of lily and is of peace.

That which because it is not forgotten remains and burns. And it looks like tangerine when the air dilutes it. The air and the memory. It is a rose scent. Pure pink.

July 11, 2009

"Rosa makes some delicious photos, to look at them and to send them off; he accompanies them with wonderful texts, where his love for literature is noted; waiting for a hang-up is the expected moment of the day, it's those wonderful minutes in which I delight in looking at her photos and reading her texts to which I'm addicted and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Rosa is attentive, affectionate, answer your questions, thank you for your visit and make some comments that are wonderful. Rosa is a friend, virtual, for now, but we know that one day we will embrace.

Rosa, thank you very much for offering us your works, your work, your kindness, thank you very much for be there.

A hug, my friend.

April 16th, 2009

  • Adam Floyd