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That day turned 37 and Esteban knows that I love flowers with roots and Paraguay, so he invited me to know a part of the land where he was born, the path of enrapiado in the middle of the imposing Yvytyrusu was a journey of genuine admiration and gratitude for all that God allows us to live and have the opportunity to know.

What our eyes saw, far exceeds what can be transmitted with a photo, our desire is that these images feed on you. the desire to go out and get to know our wonderful Paraguay. The Yvytyrusu Reserve is located between the departments of Guairá and Caazapá, being one of the main conservation areas of the Eastern Region, since its inception the area was occupied by smallholders and owners of areas the area is used by the local population for the implementation of pastures and agriculture, as well as the extraction of minerals and the use of streams for recreation and tourism.

In Guarani, Yvyty means hill, and rusu means great. The Cordillera del Yvytyrusu is situated 18 kilometers east of the city of Villarrica. It encloses a series of hills of infinite blue at whose feet snake crystalline streams.

The complex "Mirador Acati" is located about 14 km from Melgarejo, Independencia district, a place to be in direct contact with nature. The viewpoint at its summit is located 650 meters high. The Cordillera del Ybytyruzú (in Spanish) or Yvytyrusu (in Guaraní) is constituted by a series of serranías located between the departments of the Guairá and Caazapá of the Republic of Paraguay. It is currently one of the main conservation areas of the Eastern Region and houses both the highest peak in the country and the highest waterfall.

Yvytyrusu is one of the main conservation areas of Paraguay's Eastern Region and home to the country's highest peak. El Tres Kandú, 842 meters high, in the town of Eugenio A. Garay, then the Cerro Amor with 760 meters, the Acatí with 650 meters and others whose heights oscillate between 200 and 450 meters as the hills León, Guayakí, Mainumby, Yoveré, Peró, Santa Elena and Monte Rosario. Geologists Juan Velázquez and Juan Palmieri explain: "It is from the Paleozoic era, from the Permian period (225 million years)." Geographically the approximate boundaries of the group Yvytyrusu, are located in Carayaó, Tayaó, Colonia Independencia, and General Garay. In the west they are limited to the sediments of the carboniferous and to the east with the Jurassic sandstones of the Misiones formation, these limits are difficult to determine because all form very residual soils In the Yvytyrusu group, two formations are identified, Pañetey and the Independencia formation. The formation called Pañetey emerges in a great depression of the Sierra Yvytyrusu, in the Colonia Independencia and in the place Jovy de Ybajhai (Cecilio Báez) The unit is characterized by passing in its upper part siliceous limestone and argillaceous sandstones and yellowish, gray and reddish siltstones, some of which arise in the north of Carayaó and to the north of Caaguazú.

The Independencia formation is made up of a powerful group of sandstones of medium to large yellowish-colored grains, passing to medium to fine, white or reddish arches with speckled, friable. However, in some areas such as west of Ñumi for example, the sandstones are more diagenized and are separated into slabs, sometimes presenting columnar structure.

The Yvytyrusu mountain range is one of the highest in the country, with panoramic views, lush water courses, crystalline streams, waterfalls and forests. It has an average annual temperature of 22 ° C, and an average annual rainfall of 1,600 mm. To the west and part of the south, is constituted in the recharge zone of the Guaraní Aquifer, there are columnar sandstones of geological formation posterior to that of the Koi and Chorori hills. To the north, in the middle basin of the Ita stream, there are petrified remains of coniferous logs and giant ferns.

A paradise in Paraguay

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From the top you can appreciate the lush vegetation that resists in the mountain range, despite the fact that the "clearings" merciless deforestation.

In the area there are water springs and bamboo, semi-deciduous forest and more than ten permanent and intermittent streams, besides presenting a great scenic beauty.

View from the top of Cerro Akatî

We lacked hours and days to capture all the life that was beating in each branch, this pair of Carpenters - Colaptes campestris < / i>, guarded the tree.

Love the nature of our land has its prize, the enjoyment of every minute outdoors in the middle of a paradise. Photography perpetuates these special moments, but just being aware that what is lived in a time is something unique, then photography takes a back seat and in us is born the ability to value life itself.

We hope the sun goes down and at 10:00 p.m., a night photo essay began, the stars and the wind made the scene of a night full of light.

The 14 km enripiado that we traveled to the top of the Akatí Hill is narrow and makes its way through the virgin forest.

In every minute of the day there is an opportunity to be surprised, the route of the sun in its sunset unfolds an intense golden light.

6:00 am the next day, dawn and the moon was still bright, it was time to return home, no doubt the Ybytyrusu is a place to always return.

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