Tropical Nature: Identify your cacti here !!!!

Mini-gallery of cactus photos with their scientific names to facilitate identification in collections and garden. Free photos to copy and share. In this small publication we want to share with you images of different cacti with their popular names (if they have one) and their scientific names so that they can quickly identify all or some of their private collections. The identification of the species in the collections always helps a lot when looking for information about their requirements of cultivation and reproduction. In our opinion the identification of our plants is essential in the cultivation of these. Sometimes we are given a plant that without knowledge about its biology and natural habitat where it grows, makes it very difficult to grow and in some cases may not survive due to errors in that crop.

If you have some these cacti can identify them and look for information on the Internet about it to keep it 100% healthy.

Identify your cacti now!

Mammillaria beneckei < / i> is a globose cactus with very colorful yellow flowers

Fairy Castle is a very popular variety of the species Acanthocereus tetragonus

Mammillaria longimamma is a species with very pronounced mammals; quite prolific and with large yellow flowers

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The Catheron is one of the most popular cacti in the world, Echinocactus grusonii

arborícola cubana considered as the cactus with the biggest fruits of the world. Dendrocereus nudiflorus

Ferocactus lindsayi is a globular cactus very popular in private collections

is a small cactus very beautiful for its numerous radial spines

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