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Context: the party (a rogue named Socks, a tiefling fighter named Tinawamach, a half-dragon half-ghaele named Nik, an aasimar wizard named Hypatia, a cat-spirit named Kitsume, and a wild elf wizard named Aramil) is in a battle against 2 human zombies, a troglodyte, a wolf skeleton, and an owlbear skeleton. One of the human zombies has already died, and each of our wizards have used one offensive spell.

Tinawamach (OOC): [to Hypatia (OOC)] You should seduce the human zombie!

Hypatia: I need to save my spells so I might!

It Hypatia: I seduce the zombie!

DM: Roll a charisma check

Hypatia: [succeeds] Well hi there, sugar! I'm sure you do not wanna be attackin 'us! [bats eyelashes]

DM: It moves closer to your face but it is not trying to attack you

Hypatia: Well do not you have a pretty ... eye

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DM: Roll to see if you are sickened

Hypatia: [fails, vomits] It's not you sugar ... it's ... it's me ...

is no longer sickened.

DM: Hypatia, the zombie's jaw falls off but it's still looking at you with one bedroom eye Hypatia (OOC): [starts playing Careless Whisper]

Kitsume: I try to get the zombie away from Hypatia [succeeds]

Hypatia: [pulls out her dagger] I'm gonna stab my beau! [misses]

Socks: I am going to convince the zombie that if it dies, Hypatia will love it [29 with bonuses]

Hypatia: we'll do this Romeo and Juliet way You go first

Zombie: [shoves its head into the dagger]

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