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The orange parrot is a species of bird.

of average size of the family of the parrots (Psittacidae).

Habitat and distribution

It is found in arid zones, semi-humid forests and semi-open areas, and places near the shores of the Pacific Ocean, from Sinaloa in western Mexico to western Costa Rica.

Subspecies There are three subspecies: canicularis canicularis (Linnaeus, 1758)

Eupsittula canicularis clarae (RT Moore, 1937) Eupsittula canicularis eburnirostrum (Lesson, 1842)

Description The perico frentinaranja reaches 20.5 cm in length and 80 g weight. The adult is mainly green, paler and yellowish underneath and with an olive shade in the chest. It has the outer feathers of the wings of a blue hue, with yellow coatings. The tail is pointed, with the blue tip. The head is distinctive, with a green-blue crown, orange forehead, and amber eyes, with yellow and white irises. Young birds are similar to adults, but with much less orange color on the forehead.


The perico frentinaranja feeds on groups that can reach up to 100 birds outside the breeding season. They feed on various seeds, flowers and fruits.

In captivity

Can be fed with a variety of fruits, including apple, orange, papaya, melon, pear , banana, strawberries, guava, and to a lesser extent seeds such as sunflower, peanut and walnut. He may learn short words and rarely actions in regular coexistence with people. It is a bird capable of creating very strong bonds with the human being.

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