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The plant kingdom: a huge world ranging from microscopic living beings to large trees of one hundred meters in height and more than a hundred tons. Chlorophyll: responsible for photosynthesis. The first plants appeared in the sea and were unicellular algae. Evolution. The passage of the earth: mosses and ferns, conifers, flowering plants ... Special features and devices of each. By burning the bodies of different living beings, we find that their ashes are very similar to each other. 95% of its composition is formed by: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Life is thrifty, it prefers to use only a few elements, which are, on the other hand, the most common of the Universe. In addition, such elements are constantly recycled: plants absorb nitrogen, herbivores incorporate these substances into their organisms, and then pass to carnivores. Nitrogen returns to the earth in the form of excrement. C02 is absorbed by plants thanks to photosynthesis. Then it returns to the atmosphere through the respiration of animals and plants and through microorganisms that, when decomposing organic matter, return the carbon to the environment.

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Please note: This audiobook is in Spanish.

  • Adam Floyd