European Union leaders meeting in Brussels to issue statement on Iran nuclear deal

Trump has said the agreement was letting Iran off the hook but left it up to the US Congress to decide whether to reimpose sanctions.

And so Iran sprinted ahead, accumulating thousands more centrifuges to enrich uranium.

In spite of Europe's apparent leaning towards Tehran, President Trump has continued to put pressure on all parties.

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, while meeting a group of academic elites in Tehran on Wednesday, said, "So long as the other side has not torn up the JCPOA, we will not tear it up either; however, if they tear up the JCPOA, we will shred it". The fact that Tehran could not accept these terms and that the Trump administration is likely to enforce them increases the likelihood of the crisis escalating.

Led by Congressmen Ted Deutch of Florida and David Price of North Carolina, they argue that withholding certification "would harm our alliances, embolden Iran and threaten USA national security".

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In early October, 180 congressional Democrats signed a letter to Trump, urging him to re-certify Iran's compliance.

"The global community, and the European Union with it, has clearly indicated that the deal is, and will, continue to be in place".

"More, at that point in time folks, we have a year of break-up". This became evident in the joint British-German declaration that underlines that "they agreed on the need to continue the global community's response to Iran's destabilizing activities in the region, and discuss ways to address concerns about Iran's ballistic missile program". Mr Trump's announcement casts a shadow over the fate of the agreement, undermining economic benefits that underpin Iranian commitment.

The American leader called for the deal to be amended to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons or intercontinental ballistic missiles.

"And secondly, screw around with the deal that has already been made because the message is, don't make a deal with the United States, they won't keep their word", he said.

  • Adam Floyd