Microsoft isn't supportive of Japanese games, says NIS

According to The Financial Post, this holiday bump following the Xbox One X's November launch could be what Microsoft needs to start catching up with Sony's current-generation console sales and give the Xbox One brand some additional momentum. Turns out the update also introduces some new privacy-related settings, helping you further control your Activity Feed.

Unfortunately, while the overall guide feels a bit more fluid, getting to your friends list still feels a bit of hassle still. Game blocks, for example, provide information on updates and recorded GameDVR clips, while friend blocks show their achievement and their GameDVR videos. Xbox head Phil Spencer commented on the lack of exclusives back in June, saying that Xbox has new games on the way, but that they wouldn't be ready for another two or three years.

If you have external hard drives now in use, you can just unplug them from the Xbox One and use them on the X.

Fans want that at least for Minecraft on console option the console-style UI to be reinstated arguing that it is the one thing keeping them from moving away from the Xbox One Edition. It brings a redesigned and more customizable Home tab, a quicker and more convenient Guide, and new Community features that make keeping tabs on what your friends are up to easier. You'll be able to add games, features and more to your home screen through the new blocks system. You're stuck with the Xbox One S console, a stand, the Xbox One controller, and a 14-day trial to Xbox Live Gold. The report claims that the mouse would work in the games and even apps that support the API, for example, you'll be able to browse the web using Microsoft Edge with a mouse.

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The Broadcast & Capture tab in Guide is also now more deeply integrated with Mixer.

Xbox Assist can help you when you have a problem.

You can also change your console language to select right-to-left languages - Arabic & Hebrew - in the Xbox Settings menu.

We've also got an article on PS4 system updates if that's more of your kind of thing. Xbox One users who have downloaded the latest OS version will experience design improvements and more customization options for light, scale, material, motion, and depth.

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