Garmin just put Alexa in the auto

But it would have been nice for Sonos to include Alexa from the get-go-to plug the speaker in and have the assistant walk you through the process. Additionally, support for Apple's AirPlay 2 will be coming to all Sonos devices in 2018. It recently launched a family of new Echo devices that put Alexa at the centre of the connected home.

We tested playing music with Alexa through Amazon Music on the Sonos One, but Spotify support should arrive soon, and hopefully before the holidays.

Ever since Amazon announced the Echo a few years ago, consumers have been anxiously awaiting the first smart speaker that would prioritize sound quality.

The speaker setup is done entirely in the Sonos app - except for when it's time to add in Alexa, which has to be authorized through the Alexa app.

To begin using Garmin Speak with Amazon Alexa, start by downloading the free Garmin Speak app for iOS or Android.

The Sonos One does has its perks.

The device works with a free smartphone app called Garmin Speak, which uses the phone's data connection to access Alexa's responses, music, and directions.

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One complaint is that the volume icons aren't immediately recognizable - they're the square icons on either side of the play/pause icon.

The Play:One delivered great performances with more acoustic fare as well, beautifully rendering the two-part harmony of The Unthanks' aching rendition of the Scottish folksong "Anachie Gordon", from the duo's release A Retrospective. But after just a couple minutes of playing around, I found the interface slick and easy to use. And instead of a scrolling map, directions are provided using a combination of voice prompts, and a simple black and white OLED display showing directional arrows and distances.

Including the Sonos One reviewed here, my Sonos system has six speakers: Garage, Kitchen, Living Room, Master Bedroom, Media Room, and Sun Room. Whether I was listening to a soft- spoken radio host or a power ballad from a Broadway soundtrack, the sound was clear and rich. The downside of this product is that you can not use it to play music from Spotify with Alexa. Great, my very first Alexa question was about my least favorite song of all time.

The Mod will allow you to trigger the smart assistant with you voice without having to even touch your handset, and results (if necessary) can be displayed on the phone's screen. You can even ask her what song is playing, and she'll tell you the name of the song, album, and artist. That's where voice control shines. Sonos creates top products that have always attracted a lot of customers.

The new Garmin Speak is the latest gadget for your automobile.

Sonos only has so much room for slip-ups here, because the One is just one of many smart speakers on the market. With the Alexa integration, users can ask for news briefings, weather forecasts, traffic updates, and sports results, and also works with Skills - Alexa's voice-activated apps.

  • Desiree Holland