How to Love a Man Who Needs Nothing Serious

The first and most important thing that men want from women is sex. And if possible, sex without any commitment. Knowing how to fall in love with a man who does not want anything serious is a gigantic task that could give you a lot of headaches, but also a nice reward.

A man who wants nothing serious "

Unlike men, many women disagree with having sex if it is not for a relationship of love, romance and commitment. And with that, the scene is ready for the battle of the sexes that has been waging since the beginning of time.

For them, winning means getting commitment-free sex. For women, winning is about succeeding in the use of sex as an attraction to get a man to engage in a long-term relationship. Sometimes the man will leave when he sees that there is no possibility of getting sex easily. This obviously poses a serious problem for women, especially those who seek the prince to marry and be happy forever. So how to fall in love with a man who does not want anything serious?

Understanding how men think and what they want in relationships is the best way for a woman to answer this question and succeed in getting a man.

To love a man who does not want anything serious, first, you have to attract him. Just as bees are attracted to flowers, beauty is what attracts men to women. Of course, the perception of beauty differs from one individual to another, depending on culture and education.

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In order to enamorar a man who does not want anything serious it is important that you understand that somewhere there is a man whose definition of beauty adapts to your way of being. By altering your appearance to fit the definition of the beauty of a magazine, you leave aside what really makes you beautiful, and instead present what you are not.

When trying to look like someone else and not being yourself you become a fraud And what if the boy stays with you for a long time? Will you always pretend to be who you are not? In addition, by pretending you could attract the wrong type of man to you.

"Fall in love with a man who wants nothing serious"

another part that everything you use should serve to exalt your attributes. It is not that you walk around parading a thousand and one things to get attention, or that you are parading half naked to be seen. On the contrary, try to use only that which means the improvement of your own assets, dressing with what suits you and highlights your attributes. If you are an attractive figure or a curvy woman, for example, wear clothes that show your curves without necessarily being tight or vulgar.

If your most important attraction is your face, then show it with just the makeup necessary to improve your appearance and complement what nature gave you. If you are gifted with large breasts, dress in a way that you can define your bust without, of course, showing much cleavage. You do not want to be in life as if you were offering yourself.

Now you may have understood that you are a decent woman, who you are, but that will not stop you from trying to sneak under your skirt and get away with it. He will continue to capture your signals and, depending on what you manifest, it will not be long before he realizes what kind of woman you are.

If you are kind but firm you will know that you are not an innocent girl and will adjust accordingly. Apart from having sex, there is nothing that excites a man more than chasing and conquering a woman. Men have been known to scream on the rooftops, jump in the air or dance in public to hear a woman say 'I love you, too' for the first time. So, try as much as you can to let them chase you.

Men will do anything to chase after a woman who they find difficult to convince , but still shows signs of you can give in some time. In other words, it is not necessary to be easy, but it should not seem impossible either.

Drop some small crumbs, some samples that let you know that although you did not say yes, you like it and you can consider it a possibility, someday. Whatever you do, make sure that such persecution remains interesting. One or two weeks of chase time is fine. Otherwise, men lose interest easily and much more if they are predisposed, because they just do not want anything serious.

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