GC53KFR Route 25/27 From Brunete to Navalcarnero 5 (Traditional Cache) in Comunidad de Madrid, Spain created by sitoruiz

The Sendas Network of the Regional Course of the Middle Course of the Guadarrama River is made up of a network of routes that cover the whole territory of the Park and its surroundings, supported by public roads and cattle routes, environmental and historical values ​​of this region and to develop activities of recreation compatible with its conservation.

We will gradually describe the plant and animal species that you may find on the path.

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: bush about 2 meters high, sometimes 3, deciduous, stems and branches very flexible erect. The leaves are green in color and very small in size (about 1 cm in length), with alternate arrangement on the stems, where they are not very persistent (they fall relatively soon).

Flowering : between May and June. The flowers are yellow, small in size (5-8 mm), which are grouped into small clusters (with 8-17 flowers each).

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Fruits: are legumes of globose form, that mature during the months of July to September. Its cover is of straw color, and it contains 1 or 2 seeds of ovada form and black color.

Natural habitat: is a species with Iberian-North African distribution, that remains in territories with mediterranean climate. It is part of the floristic procession of clearings and scrub, where it can become the dominant species (retamares). It is a kind of edaphic indifference, which reaches up to 1,400 meters of altitude.

  • Adam Floyd