DIY Floating Flower Wall

Fishing wire
A bucket of flowers and greenery, in colors of your choosing
A 3-4 'length metal rod or wooden dowel (alternatively: washi tape) Cut your flower, leaving a 2-3 "stem, trimming any fussy leaves

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Grab your first length of fishing wire. Leaving 6-8 "or so at the top (so you can tie it to your rod or dowel), begin by tying individual blooms directly to the fishing wire. Every so often, tuck in a few leaves, or double up on your blooms, to keep things interesting. Try to play around with different textures, different colors, and different sizes, ensuring that no two flowers are right next to each other. And keep anywhere from 6-8 "between each bloom.

Once you have a strand of fishing wire.

Once you have all of your strands of flowers, carefully tie them to equal intervals to your metal rod. Next, hang your rod on the wall using nails as support. Alternatively, tape each strand directly onto the wall using colorful washi tape.

  • Adam Floyd