Laduree, the pleasure of falling into temptation! | micasitadetrapo

And many of us know Paris for its croissants, its champange, its Eiffel Tower, the Seine, its Champs Elysees ... but from now on Paris will be synonymous with Laduree, and this beautiful You will be enchanted by both the outside and the inside.

Its windows are worthy of fairy tales or Outdated Cinderellas, I assure you that if Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn at Breakfast with Diamonds) lived in Paris, would have changed Tiffany's shop window to La Maison Laduree's, and his croissant for a succulent macaroon matching his wardrobe and perhaps his coffee for an elegant French bulldog.

Laduree captivates us since we entered his wonderful website with his dreamy pastel colors (what better color for a pastry, right? hehehe) and his vintage aesthetic: raise the sound of your laptops, open well the eyes and let yourselves be carried by all your senses because its specialties in chocolates, macaroons and other complements will hook us from the first moment.

It is a real pleasure to fall into its temptation since its delicatessen will leave us with the mouth open and dead of envy crying out "I also want one" ... but if your products we like, your packing will delight us, do not tell me that the French bulldog truffle box is not a real treat.

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Maybe a bag to carry it all ...

Or maybe a candle with a genuine brioche smell to keep its delicious scent from any corner ...

Or perhaps a small thank-you gift minipasteril ...

I look forward to looking for any silly excuse to let George fall that a little trip to Paris would not do us any harm.

  • Adam Floyd