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In today's article I want to share about a subject that all people are interested in, how to make money, but it's not a generic post about various ways to make money, but how can you make money with painting

Painting has long been a hobby for many people around the world, but not only that, many make money thanks to this talent painting pictures and selling in craft fairs for example, but this is not the only way to make money with paintings, it is possible to sell in other places, sell on the Internet and depending on the talent even exposing pictures in an art gallery. p>

Of course, being able to exhibit in a gallery like I mentioned above is not something for anyone, it takes a lot of talent, some money to invest and probably some good contacts. For most artists and painters, the fastest and most efficient way to make a profit from their art is through sale.

Fortunately, thanks to the Internet, it's now easier to show an artist's work to the world. a freelance painter, everyone can create a website and sell online, but the best thing is to take advantage of big sites that intermediate sales, create an account in them and sell there because thousands of people spend on sites like these every day, the video Here's how easy it is to create an account and make a shop on a website:

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It's important to stress that when I refer to painting we do not necessarily have to be stuck creating "frames," your talents to paint vases, porcelain pieces, cups and even do fabric painting, these types of items are really pretty easy things to sell afterwards.

Moving on, after creating and painting your arts, whether on a painting, pottery, vase, cloth, etc. The business is to sell and for this most of the time we can count on friends, family and co-workers as first clients, a good initial tactic is to create some paintings and give of birthday gift of friends, relatives or acquaintances, besides saving in the present you can get an excellent free publicity of your work and people close to the gift may be interested in buying your paintings.

The field of action is very wide, as well as being able to make this type of sale more informal, you can also sell at handicraft fairs as mentioned at the beginning of the article or on the Internet, and some products such as dish cloths worked with fabric paint can even be sold in the street door to door, you can pay someone to go out selling and this works, I'm sure someone has knocked on the door of your house wanting to sell something similar, expose your pictures on the wall of your house or leave the dish cloths painted and

Another good idea is to fill the car's trunk with paintings or paintings in fabric and stop at strategic points at times of movement such as at times of entry or for example, where you can open the suitcase door and leave your paintings and products exposed, this is something that also generates good sales.

Finally, you can win without having to rely on sales alone , the way to do this is by teaching how to paint or by offering courses such as a step-by-step painting course, for example, there are people who already make money by offering face-to-face courses or tutoring.

  • Adam Floyd