Miguel Bruguera del Valle, along with Che Guevara

By Aldo Rosado-Tuero

If our readers find out a little will be able to realize how each family that integrates the high nomenclature of the Castro tyranny has at least one or two representatives in this country, as proxy and caretaker of the voluminous fortunes that these families have in foreign banks outside Cuba. You do not have to list them all. The list would be too long. Just think of any of the high officials of the tyranny and find out and I will not lie.

From the family of Raúl Castro by the branch of his son-in-law López Callejas, to Ramiro Valdés, through Guillermo Garcia, In the edition of last Sunday 17, we discovered the disturbing links between Tania Bruguera-the daughter of Miguel Bruguera, one of the the most trusted men of Fidel Castro, Manuel Piñeiro "Barbarossa and Ramiro Valdés-and Yoani Sánchez, the cultural apparatus of tyranny, and the dangerous agents of tyranny and close friends of Barack Obama, Bill Ayers and his wife Gerardine Dohrn.

Today we are going to explain to our readers who Miguel Bruguera was and his closeness to Fidel Castro and how he served until the last day of his life to the Castro dictatorship and its plans of expansion on Latin America. >

Miguel Brugueras del Valle (large photo of and above, along with Che Guevara) belonged to the 26th of July Movement, forming part of the action and sabotage group of the neighborhood of Los Pinos. During the insurrection participated in the assault to the armory of the street Merchants.

His first job at the DIER was the interrogator, being later highlighted in the so-called X-Points, or the "Country Club houses" that were torture centers, where Soviet KGB officers conducted seminars on psychological torture.

Bruguera was for quite some time the officer who applied the torture of the wall with bullets. This was done in the old estate "Horas Felices", a farm of a cavalry that was located at the end of the Country Club and which had belonged to President Gerardo Machado.

Che Guevara recommended him to be promoted to captain and went on to serve in the Minrex under Osmany Cienfuegos, who was working in a secret cell that at that time existed in that Ministry.

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His first subversive work as a "diplomat" was in Yemén del Sur, being then designated Ambassador in Libya, when Manuel Piñeiro chose him as a liaison from the Department America in North Africa.

After fulfilling "diplomatic" missions on the African continent, Fidel Castro himself is called to Havana, who makes him aware of everything that is done in the Cuban embassy of Panama, the Corporations of the regime, the contraband and the link with the drug and the posters of Colombia. That gives him an opportunity to own his own bank account and receive commissions approved by Fidel Castro that values ​​him a lot. As he died in Havana, according to Forbes magazine, he had a fortune estimated at ten million dollars.

Miguelito as his close friends called him Homero Sacker, "Barbarossa", Osmany Cienfuegos and Fidel himself arrived to have so much influence in the "America Department" that there was a time when no Cuban Ambassador was named in Latin America without Miguel Bruguera approving it.

Another important task he fulfilled was the transfer of the US arms from Viet Nam to the Colombian FARC.

Later on, his great friend and associate, Osmani Cienfuegos, appointed him Vice Minister of Tourism, coverage that allowed him to visit the whole world. It had the rank of Colonel of the Ministry of the Interior, In Cuba was recognized like intelligence officer of high level. He, Ramón Cuenca and Homero Sacker, had direct access to Fidel.

Bruguera owned an entire floor in the Building 14 (Piso 14) that may have been inherited by her daughter Tania who resides in Chicago but who travels to Cuba. This is not clear to us, but it would not be surprising, since another "opponent" also with extensive Castro family tradition despite having lived in the USA, for several years, returned to Cuba as an "opponent" and resides in the house that the tyranny gave them to Los Rodiles.

In short, we can conclude that these connections explain very well "the mysteries" of the sudden ascent of Yoani Sanchez abroad and the ease with which she and these visitors like Tania Bruguera who go to Cuba, with Marxist terrorists, Castro agents and at the same time close friends of President Obama, who were mentors and initiators of his rapid, meteoric and incredible political career, can do so many things that no opponent real could ever do. Whoever has eyes to see you and ears to hear you hear.- (Published in the edition of 11-19-2013)

  • Adam Floyd