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To add photos to this group you need to follow some instructions, as described below: Photo title Write as follows: "scientific name, popular name". Photos should contain the following tags: (1) Species name without author (eg Byrsonima sericea) (2) Genus (eg Byrsonima) (3) Xylopia frutescens, Family according to classification in Flora do Brasil (ex .: Malpighiaceae) These are the essential tags for the photo to be associated with the search links through the species list. The spelling must be correct for the link to work. You can check the correct spelling of the scientific name of the species and the family in the "List of Flora of Brazil" - If you want to rely on the help of others to identify a tree native to the Atlantic Forest of the Northeast, you can insert photos in the group indicating in the title or tag that the species is indeterminate . Description This should include the location of the specimen (eg "Location: Camaragibe, Pernambuco"). It is also possible to insert tips for the identification of the species, to point out some diagnostic character of the species or to make some other comment. Unidentified species Images of northeastern Atlantic Forest native trees not determined at the species level can be inserted into the group containing the indeterminate tag. Images inserted into the group that do not comply with the above instructions, above all the basic tags may be excluded. You can make a good use of this interactive species identification guide and contribute with images and / or identifications for the increased public awareness of trees in northeastern Brazil. Grateful, Curators of the group.

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