20 Phrases for tattoos that every woman will want to make

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For some girls tattooing has a deeper meaning than having a simple design on the skin. Getting a tattoo with a phrase or a quote from a book is a constant reminder of how we like to live our lives. Would you like to have some inspirational phrase? Here are some ideas.

1. "I would like to make a wish right now"

2. "What is simple under the light of the moon, in the morning never is"

3. "Take me away"

4. "One step at a time ..."

5. "Do not dream your life, live your dream"

6. "I only know my mind. I am mine "

7. "Reality is wrong; dreams are real "

8. "I have lived a thousand lives"

9. "Sometimes you have to fall before flying"

10. "With pain comes strength"

11. "I am the heroine of this story"

12. "You are every reason, every hope and every dream I have ever had"

13. "We accept the love we think we deserve"

14. "I am a bird in the sky. You helped me fly, fly away, back home "

15. "We just split up to meet again"

16. "It is through every dark night that there is a bright day"

17. "Do not forget to love yourself"

18. "Inhale the future ... exhale the past"

19. "Love is everything and more than anything"

  • Adam Floyd