LBC Callers In EPIC Row Over Killing Of White Widow Sally Jones

A citizen of Britain Sally Jones died in June, a drone strike near the border of Syria and Iraq.

According to the newspaper report, the source said that her son, Joe Dixon, had not been specifically targeted by the missile strike, as he would not have been regarded as a combatant.

Jones became known as the White Widow after her British jihadist husband Junaid Hussain was killed in a U.S. drone strike in August 2015. Hussain, who died in a USA drone strike in 2015, was accused of planning "barbaric attacks against the West".

However, it was kept secret on both sides of the Atlantic over fears her 12-year-old son Jojo may have also died in the blast.

The 50-year-old used her Twitter account to recruit women and shared pictures of herself with weapons.

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"I can confirm that if you are a British national in Iraq or Syria and you have chosen to fight for Daesh (IS)... then you have made yourself a legitimate target and you run the risk... of being of the wrong end of an RAF or United States missile strike", he added.

Later, Jones also images of her in a nun's costume with a gun and talked about her desire to behead Christians with a "nice blunt knife".

Major Gen Chip Chapman, the former head of counter-terrorism at the Ministry of Defence, told the Press Association that she would have been a "significant" target due to her marriage to Hussain and role as a recruiter. A woman living under guard in a Kurdish refugee camp who claimed to know Jones said the British convert was desperate to return to the UK.

Referring to reports her son was killed in the strike, he added: "It is a hard one because under the UN Charters he is under the age of what we would classify as a soldier".

"Even if he got up to really bad things, he shouldn't have been targeted", he said.

  • Adam Floyd