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Rosal covers also known as are a group of hybrids of modern rose garden crawling roses that grow scattered on the ground and literally covering the ground with little wingspan.

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This type of rose was developed primarily for mass ornamental planting. In the late twentieth century, hybrid varieties of traditional tea and Floribunda fell into disgrace with many gardeners and landscapers, as they often need abundant labor and chemicals to be susceptible to pests and diseases.

p> The so-called "landscape" roses (also known as roses "covers soils") have therefore been developed to fill the consumer's desire for a garden rose that offers color, shape and fragrance, but also low maintenance and easy to care. Most have the following characteristics:
  • Lower growth habit, usually less than 60 cm
  • Repeat flowering.
  • Growing your own roots.
  • son Noak (Germany), Meidiland Roses (France), Boot & amp; Co. (The Netherlands), William Radler (United States) and Poulsen (Denmark).


    Covered roses are represented by small flower shrubs most with remontmont that have a height range that goes from a height of 35 to 60 cm and equal width: 30 to 60 cm.

    Some varieties give only one bloom in the year and others are replenishing. They produce bouquets generally composed of 3 to 11 simple to double flowers, which flower from summer to autumn.

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