Every second counts: Fire prevention week

Hovind says each year the National Fire Protection Association changes up their theme to cover different topics.

It's Fire Prevention Week and this year the message is "Every Second Counts - Plan Two Ways Out". "Once you're outside, make sure you have a meeting place and know who's going to call 911".

In addition to kitchen fires - and keeping a close eye on your cooking, it's important to make sure your home is up to code if electrical work has been done.

The Lawton Fire Department will be hosting a Coffee and Cars event Saturday, October 14 as part of Fire Prevention Week.

Firefighters in each city install the smoke alarms and point out possible fire hazards in each home. After completing the escape plan, families are asked to turn their front porch light on so passing firemen know that you've completed the safety drill. "If you don't meet up together, you could think there is still someone in the fire and go back in, which could be catastrophic". Not only will this serve to conserve the temperature of the room, in the event of a fire, it may slow the spread of smoke, heat, and fire.

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"That's why we are trying to educate the public, the fire is not just our fight, the fire is everyone's fight".

"If you're alerted to fire and you've got less than two minutes to react, preparation is the key there", said Jaco. In that time, it has also installed more than 45,000 smoke alarms.

One of the most basic but vital elements of home fire safety is having a home escape plan that everyone in the household has practiced.

Children will get to tour the house and learn about potential hazards in the home, and techniques like staying clear of a hot stove, and practice evacuating out of the house.

Home fires are one of the deadliest disasters nationwide and can affect anyone at any time. ESFI's newest Fire Prevention Week infographic, "Fire Prevention - It's in Your Hands" focuses on the need to have at least two escape routes in your home, and addresses the importance of various fire prevention devices required by the National Electrical Code.

  • Carlos Nash