Lazarus, come out! Thoughts of the Resurrection

On his way to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover for the last time before his death, Jesus stopped in the small town of Bethany about two miles east of Jerusalem to visit his good friend Lazarus and his sisters Martha and Mary.

Jesus found his friend Lazarus dead. He wept disconsolately, but immediately went to the dead man's grave and made him rise. The Pharisees and scribes who witnessed this act set out quickly for Jerusalem to tell the high priests and other Pharisees. St. John writes in his Gospel that from that day the religious authorities conspired to execute Jesus. The cost of raising Lazarus from the dead was the very death of Jesus. Jesus gave his life so that Lazarus may have new life. A beautiful church in al-Eizariya marks today the point where this happened, place where the supposed tomb of Lazarus is visited. Reaching this site of pilgrimage is however difficult since a separation wall prevents direct access to it from Jerusalem.

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In a modern world where science can do amazing things, even revive a person, we must remember that Jesus not only resurrected for himself, but his body was transformed. His glorified body could travel great distances and could also pass through closed doors, however, he was not a ghost because he ate and had the wounds of crucifixion. Jesus lives and will never die, and through baptism, share with us this privilege of eternal life.

Jesus promises to open our tombs and rise from them. At the beginning of Easter, followed by Easter time, this is an opportune moment to remember that on a future day each of us will rise from the grave and our bodies and souls will be reunited for eternity. Cemeteries will be boisterous places at the end of time when Christ returns to fulfill his promise of eternal life with him to those who have remained faithful. Let us hope to be numbered among the faithful.

Lazaro Church in Bethany. Top picture: Down to the tomb of Lazaro

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  • Adam Floyd