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Most states and provinces do NOT list exotic birds unless they have been recognized by the American Birding Association (eg Monk Parakeet is on the Florida list, ringed Parakeet is not). Most do not include escaped cage birds or feral birds (e.g. Mandarin Duck or Muscovy Duck). Most do not include birds of unknown natural occurrence or undetermined origin. Most do not add birds to a state checklist that were transported by man or that were ship-assisted. Some states have a "Hypothetical" list with extra birds that have not been properly documented.

The "Official Checklist" column shows the total species for checklists appearing on "official" state web sites. Where ??? appears, a list is present, but totals are not shown.Some of these are links to pdf files. Download a free PDF viewer.

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What Makes a Great State or Province Checklist

Very Helpful Additions:
1. A list of birds added to the official checklist within the past five years is available. (See Utah
2. A separate list of "Review" birds are available - these birds need special documentation when seen.) 3. The checklist links to or contains information on regional or seasonal abundance (ie rare away from the 4. The "Findability" code is included - very helpful for out-of-state visitors.
5. The link to the State Rare Bird Committee website is prominently displayed.

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