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Lady Bird Johnson spreads seeds on previously prepared grounds of the National Wildflower Research Center. The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Research Center is one of the most popular and well- a 279-acre publicly-owned botanical garden in Austin, Texas devoted entirely to the conservation of native plants in North America. Its international identification code is NWRCA .


The center gardens open to the public every day except Mondays, exhibit endemic plants Texas Hill Country. The center's plant conservation program protects Texas's ecological heritage while retaining its rare and endangered flora.

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"Lady Bird Wildflower Research Center", 4801 La Crosse Avenue, Austin, Texas 78739 EE . UU. Ms. Johnson recognized decades ago that America has been able to make the most of the world. UU. lost its natural landscapes and its natural beauty. As much as 30 percent of the world's native flora is in danger of extinction. The Wild Flora Center was designed to help preserve and restore that beauty and the biological wealth of North America. Since then, the center has become one of the nation's most credible research institutions and one of the most effective advocates for native plants.

The center of the Native Plant Information Network (NPIN) is the largest database of information on native plants in the country. The NPIN database provides horticultural and botanical information on more than 7,000 species. It has a simple and efficient interface that allows users to find plants by name, flowering period, distribution conditions, growth, shape of growth or a combination of traits. NPIN also provides a gallery of ever-growing images of more than 17,000 images, a national directory of suppliers, national organizations directory, national calendar of events, specialized publications, and ask expert opinion where visitors can ask questions.

Their land restoration programs use science to recover ecological systems on damaged, degraded, and even destroyed land, and thus restore the balance of the landscape.

The center also offers extensive educational programs for both children and adults.

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