Some diners after the draw have eaten this Lobato "keg"

It was Friday. We decided to go for a walk along the sidewalks of the city center with the purpose of eating a few slices of pizza over one of the pizzerias on Corrientes Avenue.

We went to Guerrin but it was the wrong time. Pretending to find a free table at this time, at nine o'clock in the evening, is like trying to get to General Paz hand to the Moon at any time or to the subway Line B at the station Inca at 8:45 ; an impossible one, but if a muzza with a lot of it is done, the attempt is worth it.

Impossible to enter into the jaws of the pizzeria in question, I remember past times, to be more exact, Monday after the 21 there in 2007, when I used to meet my cousin to finish at the Banchero bar, and while we tasted a portion of fugazzeta at the same time as a chop of cold beer, talk about everything a little. That Chicago this, that matter of the facu the other, in short ... such a memory me and pushed us, aided by the speed of our steps and the hunger, to the corner of Corrientes and Talcahuano.

Once inside, what kisses go that laughs come, that "a great half morrones half capresse, a soda and a beer chop, please", that people entering, that people leaving, that "how was your day?", that I work this and the other. The young men here and there, unable to stop for a moment; the one serving two beer balls that were for the photo, another looking for a table to a group of women, another carrying a large and a girl to a table in the mezzanine. The bachero washing the glasses and cutlery, the cashier with the speed that the compulsive cell phone billing and the pizza that comes to our table.


Laverni marks the end of the meeting and the cashier who leaves some numbers for others, changes channels and puts Chronicle where you can observe the draw of the night clubs, it is at that moment that I see him, one of the boys, who, taking advantage of a moment of stillness and tranquility (generated?), leaning on a column of the enclosure half hidden and snooping the board that the screen projected.

What number will have played? How can be the fate so cruel that have left 19 of the 20 that are drawn and the one that is missing is just the first, which is undoubtedly the most important?

He looks anxious, tightens the cloth with which he cleans the tables, he hopes the prize will be known. How much will you bet? What will you be buying with the potential prize won? He moves his left leg without interruption, looking for the complicit look of one of his colleagues who at a distance looks at him with a smile.

The prize is coming, the audio is low, you only see the falling balls of their respective recipients, the singing children who take them and when finally the number will materialize, and with it the joy or the uneasiness, of a table of the more here arrives the improper cry of a client: "mozooooooooooooooo". >

Neither the 20 pesos tip that left after asking the bill and pay were able to draw a smile on his face.

My wife, when we were leaving, asked me why I had hung up that way for a few minutes. I told him it was about the wonderful thing about the pizza with beer, but I had actually played on 22 and had gone 44.

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  • Adam Floyd