Heartbeat : Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer remains the number one cancer faced by Kiwi women, and the Breast Cancer Foundation are on a mission to stop breast cancer dead in its tracks.

"It worries many women I think", said Missoula resident Camill Severti.

Severti said she has a pamphlet in the shower that has instructions for breast examinations.

Research from Cleveland Clinic in the U.S. took the first step towards understanding the composition of the bacteria in breast cancer by uncovering distinct microbial differences in healthy and cancerous breast tissue. It is crucial to continue efforts to bring awareness, educate, continue medical advancements and screen to continue to add to the 3.3 million breast cancer survivors that are alive today in the United States.

"That's the difference", he said.

Among the surveyed women, 62 percent underwent lumpectomy to remove their tumors, 16 percent had unilateral mastectomy (8 percent with reconstruction), and 23 percent had bilateral mastectomy (19 percent with reconstruction).

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According to the website of the National Cancer Institute, among all form of breast cancer screening, mammography is the most sensitive form of breast cancer.

Despite the staggering statistics, there's something else nearly more incredible.

Doctors use statistical models to estimate your lifetime risk of getting breast cancer, and use that information to help determine the best way to manage that risk.

"I have women come in and I have to give them terrible information", Stewart said.

"We just know that women who come in early year and they say "thank you so much, you saved my life, because your tenasity to keep taking those pictures to get that right picture or to see those calcifications actually saved my life", she said.

As an initiative to make sure everyone has equal access to cancer screenings and education, New Jersey and Center for Disease Control and Prevention has funded NJCEED, New Jersey Cancer Education and Early Detection.

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