As Pruitt Abandons Climate Progress at EPA, RGGI Moves Ahead

Following through on a campaign promise, the Trump administration announced Monday that it plans to repeal the Clean Power Plan, President Barack Obama's signature climate policy regulating greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and aimed at reducing global warming.

The Clean Power Plan helped each state establish new carbon goals to put them on track to reduce emissions by 32 percent before 2030.

"The war on coal is over", he told a crowd in Hazard, Kentucky, on Monday.

A spokeswoman for EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt declined to comment Friday on the authenticity of the leaked document but said the Obama administration "pushed the bounds of their authority so far" that the U.S. Supreme Court issued a stay to prevent the Clean Power Plan from taking effect.

Pruitt said the EPA should not use its authority "to say to you we are going to declare war on any sector of our economy".

The Trump administration is moving to scrap that plan and has signaled that any alternative it might adopt would take a much less expansive approach, possibly just telling utilities to operate their plants more efficiently.

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The Clean Power Plan was key to Washington's implementation of the Paris agreement on climate change, from which Trump withdrew in June.

Environmental groups were sharp in their denunciation of Pruitt's announcement.

The Supreme Court put the plan on hold previous year.

"The Trump Administration's persistent and indefensible denial of climate change - and their continued assault on actions essential to stemming its increasing devastation - is reprehensible, and I will use every available legal tool to fight their unsafe agenda", said Schneiderman, a Democrat. Pruitt sued the EPA 13 other times in his capacity as Oklahoma's attorney general for the agency's efforts to regulate mercury, smog and other forms of pollution.

The Clean Power Plan aimed to dramatically lessen the greenhouse-gas emissions that scientists agree are fueling the planet's rapid warming, contributing to climate change and erratic, unsafe weather patterns. Almost 200 countries have committed to combat global warming by reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

The latest EPA plans, contained in a 43-page document called "Repeal of Carbon Pollution Emission Guidelines for Existing Stationary Sources", say the agency will appeal for public input on how to cut emissions from power plants. He said that on Tuesday, he will sign a proposed rule to formally withdraw from the plan.

  • Adam Floyd