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In Recycle your Furniture we are delighted with the arrival of good weather. Going to the garden to enjoy the "do it yourself" is a pleasure, and also cheer and decorate it with own projects. The sources are, in their own right, protagonists of many outdoor spaces: why not make us a recycling caches and waste material? A lot of people have already done it, and their work will be an inspiration for your next ideas.

With a tire

We start with our favorite proposal for its originality. Again, we use a unusable tire (you can see more examples of projects to recycle tires in other posts of Recycle your Furniture) to create a beautiful stone fountain. As you will see, it is enough to bury the tire, protect it with a resistant plastic specific for sources, fill it with water, submerge the pump and surround it with stone slabs. Great!

Recycling Scrap

An old rusty container, cut in half, is the basis of this source tan special. High on two old beams, for the pipe was used an old source of bomb that was painted of an intense strawberry pink color. In demolition stores you can find this type of pieces at great prices. And for the container or pile, if you do not want to use such a large piece you can take advantage of metal drums , cut lengthwise with a grinder.

Photos: Lets Upcycle, Woohome, Dusky's Wonder Site.

  • Adam Floyd