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"More bad than good"

Everywhere we talk about the famous ants, we almost always speak very well of them. Even in Purus, the place where we work there are ants that serve as food for people and animals. That is true, since there are big ants that at a certain time of the year they get wings and fly and then fall. When the indigenous children fall, they are ready to take them, gather them and bring them to the pot. I also ate and has a taste not despicable. But when the children are ready to catch them, the roosters and chickens also enter the game, since those falling ants are a favorite food for the oviparous.

But ants are not exempt from the rule of "peros" in life ...

But not everything is rosy in the history of ants.

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A few weeks ago the rains in the Peruvian jungle were strong and when it rains, the ants begin to leave their nests and begin to invade other people's land: "our house" in Pucallpa. When they invaded the house, they began to make their way in the middle of the room, in the dining room and even in the bedrooms. We tried some poisons to make them give up not to enter the house, but they are very stubborn and we had to suffer several bites. The matter was complicated when they began to sting Santiago, our son of a year and a half. One of those nights I searched all their nests patiently and found them. I spilled fuel for cars and it occurred to me to set the fire on fire, but since the house is made of wood, and is rented, I gave up. The next day they disappeared.

What if there are several bites?

I hired some local workers to fix the house and they were bitten several times by the Pukakuro. One of the workers asked: Why did God create these insects? Another answered: After sin entered the world God's punishment was to send the pukakuro. I agree, there is no worse punishment than the sting of pukakuro ...

There are other ants that say "thirty", why? because when it stings your pain lasts for thirty minutes ... in short, there are many more stories of ants, but I conclude that the ants give us a good example of work and perseverance, but we do not romanticize the subject.

  • Adam Floyd