Oceania - Borders

Today's entry brings us one of the most veteran readers of this frontier blog. It is Martín Donato, whom you will recall because he has already appeared here mixing football and unrecognized countries. If you like the bad jokes that appear in the list of 10 most wanted FBI, you can follow in Tuíter: @martindonato. By the way you can congratulate him, since today he is a heap of years and he wanted to celebrate it here. I am not responsible for the consequences that I may have on your mental health.

The first thing you will have thought after reading the title is: "Diego was already a fan of Iker Jiménez on the blog." Quiet, this is not the case. I think it was Samuel Goldwyn who said that a good story starts with an earthquake and from there up. And well, for once you can write in this, your blog header (and up to the moment Mr. Lobo) , is not something to stay in a series B. Here we prefer the superproductions. And if there is a place that is the ideal setting for a frontier over-production, it has to be, no doubt, in Australia. And there we traveled. Not exactly to the home of the kangaroos, Bob Hawke and the Vegemite, but to an even more isolated and hidden place ... But before the drums are redoubled, it's time to tell them how I got there.

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The islands are pieces of the world made on a human scale, encompassing, with limits. They serve not to feel like what we really are, tiny specks of dust in time and space. I guess everyone (tell me yes, or I'll have to think I'm even weirder than I thought) we've dreamed of having a country of our own, a utopian site, full of just laws, happiness and beautiful women ... pardon, just laws and happiness. And nothing better for it than an island. So having that clear, that I salive before a panoramic view of the Sorlingas Islands is the most normal thing in the world ... or, of course. in front of THIS.

  • Adam Floyd