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Price is too high, but you are in San Fran which has some insane pricing, and the bike is in great condition and a small hard to find size. Like you, I do not see high end bikes in this size, its really about how bad you want one. Compared to my area, San Fran prices are usually about double.

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Its all about what the bike is worth to you, rather than the market, and your budget.

Your other choice is hunt for a better frame, and build a bike of your choosing. That one takes a patience, time, tools, work area, and quite a bit of luck in this size.

One centimeter is a little over 1/4 of an inch, so we are not talking anything significant size wise . Historically, many bike manufacturers sizing jumped in two inch increments (5 centimeters).

While I think you can do better, it probably will not be local (in that size). I pick up every 18 inch and 19 inch road bike I can get my hands on, as they sell themselves. When I find one that size, it is usually lower to mid level. I have not found a high end bike yet in that size. Wanting an Italian bike makes the search very harder.

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