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And free, or in chains, and even raised on his neck the baleful sword, in noble impudence before the brow to the frown adversity humiliates that a laughing tyrant knee.

Also I imagined myself to know why one man was taller than the other, taking his head, and one horse higher than the other; and I also thought of much clearer things, for example, that ten were more than eight because they had added two, and that what was two feet was greater than what one measured, because he outnumbered him in half. >

You do not have to look for the glare of the sun that is surrounded by its light, nor the rich April ask for herbs and flowers; for it is no better for the humid fish caught in the abyss to be of the ocean, covered with the serious and salty humor, that the soul, raised above the human course, remains, without being curious or diligent, of that great sea covered overworld; not, as the Pece, only outwardly, but within much more that the intimate heat that is felt in it is in the fire.

Francisco de Aldana

Without sufficient reason, the appellate courts abstain from pronouncing on the subsidiary issues debated at first instance, when a special ruling has not been levied on them by the judge

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No deputy or senator, from the day of his election or from his oath, as the case may be, may be accused or deprived of his liberty, unless the case of flagrant crime, if the Court of Appeal of the respective jurisdiction, in full, does not previously authorize the accusation by stating that there has been a cause.

Rabbi Jeshua was there, in all the scenes of his earthly life: in the arms of his mother, in the glory of the Palms, in the path of the Cross, in the scaffold, and last, sweet and thoughtful, triumphant, with hair split in loops, eyes wide, and between two fingers of the rise, blessing hand, the white Host ...

Emilia Pardo Bazán

The morning was splendid: a cool breeze saturated with montesino smells gently waved the poplars and coproporous carob trees that offer here and there on the shadowy road beneficent to the walker in the hot summer months; the sun began to gild everything with its flood of light; the sky shone with its brighter blue; the atmosphere seemed its purest transparency; the recent rains had filled the damp mountains with streams, and the picturesque streams through which the waters were crystalline, between limpid rocks, green reeds, and masses of oleander crowned with crimson flowers. Rider on a horse of powerful rise and typical mount arrived at the sale of the uncle Anton the Corrales, Antoñico the Caravaca.

But the price would depend on the profits obtained in the two years prior to this purchase, which presumably also, according to the calculations would cause that by this 49% a very high amount was paid.

How to govern with these people to not come in what came, and had by me the guardaría, and I also sent you to warn this, as I wrote later, so that I had more recobdo. Raised the earth, it all gathered in two parts to give in us.

In the event of the arrest of any intendant, governor or president of a regional council for flagrante delicto, it shall be immediately available to the respective Court of Appeal with the corresponding summary information.

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