Monty Hall, Iconic Let's Make a Deal Host, Dead at 96

Hall also was the co-creator of the game show in which contestants vie to make deals with the host in which they trade smaller prizes for a chance at something bigger behind a curtain or in a box.

Monte Halparin was born August 25, 1921, in Winnipeg, Canada to parents who owned a slaughterhouse.

A probability brain teaser was named after the game-show host.

Television personality Monty Hall arrives at the 2nd Annual Rebels With A Cause Gala at Paramount Studios on March 20, 2014 in Hollywood, California. Sharon, a top TV Executive and Richard, TV producer, are contributors for productions offscreen while Gleason a Tony-award winning actress.

The game show grew to such popularity it gave rise to a well-known probability riddle that mathematicians dubbed "The Monty Hall Problem".

Other shows created and hosted by Hall include "Split Second", "Chain Letter" and "It's Anybody's Guess".

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"It was much more exciting than the first 20 minutes of the show", he recalled. In the end, Monty Hall said that he wanted to be remembered for helping people rather than his celebrity status.

When a People magazine interviewer suggested in 1996 that "Let's Make a Deal" would be his epitaph, Hall replied, with a wince: "You put that on my tombstone, and I'll kill you".

Let's Make a Deal is infamously known for the insane costumes audience members wore to get Monty's attention.

However, Sharon Hall said Hall never refused an autograph and used his fame to help others.

At age 7, he was severely burned by a pot of boiling water and endured a lengthy recovery. He was known for charity work for organizations including Variety Clubs International, which raised money for disadvantaged children. He lost his wife, Marilyn, this past June.

  • Carlos Nash