The sound of the toads by DAVID VINCENT% VALENTIN on iBooks

Someone who photographs his penis inside a bathroom and then sends the photo to his co-worker. A woman who masturbates in front of the computer screen, while crying and longing for a different life. An executive prisoner of a marriage without children, anchored in the routine of daily living, that will make a last effort to try to straighten the course. A washing machine that does not stop spinning. A rock star who tries to find the meaning of his life through rather peculiar sexual practices. A man who longs for his wife while watching hideous toads of which he can not undo. Or a young woman who wants to offer her boyfriend a very special gift for her birthday ...

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After the success of her previous novel, A Little Step for Man, chosen by critics as one of the best debuts of 2012, David Vicente shows us in the Sound of the Toads eighteen radiographs in the form of stories that talk about the routine, the hopelessness, the nonsense of life and the strange thing that turns out many times. / p>

Prologue by Care Santos.

  • Adam Floyd