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I do not wanna lose you:, Tina Turner .

... When she saw him arrive, as always unpunctual, the heart thought that it jumped through the mouth. There he recognized that the old wound was still open ... and in what way. When their bodies approached to give a kiss, she noticed through his blouse his muscular chest and that smell ... my God, how had I forgotten? The fact is that he kept smelling just like it had burned in his memory. He told him of his travels, of his adventures across the length and breadth of this world; he spoke of his studies and his plans with eyes full of brightness and infinite depth ... while she opened the whole sky and a firmament full of stars in that tiny ice cream shop, the same one they used to go to when they were children The rest of the world did not exist, and she listened entranced to the harmonica sounds that flooded her ears. At one point, he took her hands and the expression on her face became more pensive and dark. It was then that he confessed that he had never forgotten her, that despite the time that had passed, that other women had passed through his life, he always kept that flame burning in his mind or heart, as she would better understand; that when he returned to his old city, he always thought the same thing "what will become of her ?, will she remain here ?, will she have a boyfriend ?, will she be married?".

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He managed to articulate a "why me?". And he answered with a loud laugh that echoed throughout the establishment. This could only be a macabre joke; it was not possible that he was playing with his feelings in that cruel way. After so many years, when he thought he was forgetting his most unrealistic dreams, he came to laugh at her, for what purpose? He must have realized that he was about to start crying, when he held her delicate pianist hands even more tightly and calm her in that low, modulated voice that was one of his greatest attractions, if he had few. And with sincere eyes ("My God, do not deceive me ... not this time"), he confessed that he had always known what she treasured within him. That he did not deceive her with that anodyne and absent-minded appearance with which she always shielded herself to go unnoticed, of pure timidity constructed; that this would be for others, for those insensible that they had as classmates. But that, he repeated, he did not deceive him, and that he regretted that he had not valued before that what he was losing ... if he still arrived in time. "Because ... I have not asked you if you have a boyfriend, if you have possibly married." "I was about to," he said. Where the fuck did he get that answer? She wondered for a long time afterwards, she did not count in her personal dictionary with the word irony.

Another loud laugh echoed in the room . Of course, he had drawn his aunt, who was also a Conservatory teacher, in addition to his telephone number, all his wanderings and misadventures of these last years that had passed without being seen. "But if you also have a sense of humor," he thought wickedly, "I can not escape this."

She opened her eyes at last ... and found herself in the middle of the night in her living room, many years later, alone, in the stillness of the dawn, with music still ringing in her ears. But the taste of that first kiss still sweetened her fleshy lips ...

  • Adam Floyd