Attract wild birds to your garden

Attracting the widest variety of wild birds to the patio in your home can be a fun way to combat the stress of modern life. A practice that can be achieved very simply and economically, in just four steps.

To attract the largest variety of birds you should consider acquiring different bird and seed feeders. You should also make sure you have a variety of insects and worms in your garden that can serve to attract birds that feed on them.

Once you attract them with food, providing them with housing is fundamental to keeping them close. Wild birds feel safer if they have shelter to protect themselves from the elements and predators.

Large trees and shrubs are welcome as places to raise and protect their offspring.

Probably one of the most important elements in attracting birds is water. The sound of moving water is magnetic for most wild birds and will attract them from great distances for a cold drink or a bath.

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The most wonderful thing about having several species living in your garden is that it can help you keep your yard free of insects, your mornings and afternoons full of songs and your most beautiful flowers.

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  • Adam Floyd