Mushroom Croquettes - How To Be Vegan

Do you remember that on Monday, with the cream of potato recipe I said that surely this week would be absent? Well, as you have seen, I lie more than I speak.

It has been a tough week, and now I thank you for having had a vacation. Although curiously, when I am sad what I do is cook.

I have long wanted to try to make croquettes style "grandmother" with a béchamel based on flour and vegetable drink, but I never finished just fine.

Ingredients (for 24-30 croquettes)
- 450gr of frozen mushrooms < - 2 medium onions
- 1 cube of vegetable concentrate
- 400ml of oat milk + quantity needed to batter
- garlic flavored oil
- 6 tablespoons brimming with wheat flour white
- salt and pepper
- breadcrumbs
- oil for frying

Et voilà! I think they are the richest mushroom croquettes I have ever tasted. My mother directly told me that it is the best thing I have ever done.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, that I have already eaten 4 ... And they were not exactly small!

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Bon appetit

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  • Adam Floyd